Dazzlingly ever after periwinkle Gibbard vanity!

Dazzlingly ever after periwinkle Gibbard vanity!



I’ve been meaning to write this post for a month now, but the craziness of life never subsides long enough! Whew! I’m taking a few minutes to reconnect with all of you and to tell you what I’ve been up to.

On October 10th, Perfect Imperfections turned one! I can hardly believe a whole year has passed since I started this business and I’m truly overwhelmed by how successful it has become. Every day I receive emails from people asking for advice, complimenting my work, or wondering what piece I might be tackling next. They also want to know if I’ll do custom work.

Up until now, I’ve refused custom work. I dreaded having to work on a piece that I wasn’t in love with or having to contend with fussy customers. For me, the pleasure of painting furniture is buying pieces that I love and then painting them any darn way I want. I recently decided to test the waters of custom work when I was contacted by a small business owner about refinishing a vanity to showcase some of her retail products. She sent me a photo of her solid walnut Gibbard vanity—it was gorgeous! After some back and forth on colour, I agreed to refinish the piece. Here’s her before picture! So much potential!


The colour the customer wanted was periwinkle. Eek! I have a bad history with that colour! In the late ’90s, I painted my kitchen walls with a way too bright, pukey, and ugly shade of periwinkle, then added a matching wallpaper border…ugh! I was struggling to make ends meet and couldn’t afford to repaint or repaper, so I put up with it for two years. With this custom project, I was determined to finally get the shade right and overcome my periwinkle phobia.


Here she is, beautiful as can be in periwinkle. The mirrors were taken out by the customer so I could easily paint the frames. The top was refinished in Minwax’s Walnut and Classic Gray. When the customer picked up the piece today, she couldn’t stop hugging me. I took that as a positive! 😉 I have to say that I may have rekindled my love for periwinkle. Not so bad for a first custom job!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Happy painting, everyone!